Singing for Health

The singing for health and enjoyment (workshops) first came about through a happy accident of her M.A practical research meeting up with the enlightened HR department of a Local Authority. She has since developed them and delivered them to several groups, widely differing in age, experience, reasons for attending… They are designed to be fun, (above all), energising; non-threatening (even for the very frightened singer!) relaxing; musically satisfying. Perhaps it goes without saying that they are also confidence-building; useful for team-building; full of mirth; stress-busting… They are carefully planned according to the needs of each particular group, with exercises, repertoire and duration of the sessions carefully chosen. The delivery is kept deliberately fluid however, as experience shows there can be unexpected outcomes and developments along the way. Perhaps some of the people who have taken part can explain further...

photo by Sylwia J Pawlowska Photography

"With quiet confidence and control Susan took us through a few warming up exercises. We clicked, clapped and moved our arms in time with various rhythms. We produced sounds of various pitches. It was all so enjoyable that everybody joined in with no sense of embarrassment or fear of failure. Everyone loved it, feedback was superb and without exception members talked about what a great evening it had been."

M. Mathars W.I Secretary
"I'm sure the 50-minute sessions were a greater boost to my health than almost anything else I've come across. Singing really does get oxygen into the lungs and I felt very refreshed and energised afterwards, also much more relaxed and positive."

E. Carruthers Local Authority Manager
"I came away feeling on top of the world. However stressed you may have been at the beginning the hour by the end you felt invigorated and revitalised.It is difficult to put into words what a great feeling singing can produce in you.
If you have ever been for a walk on a sunny day and arrived home feeling good - that's what singing can do for you"

D. Roters. Local Government employee